Personal Aplications &

23! board game

Personal strategy board game based on checkers.

Game 23! is a board game, formed by pieces of different colors and numbered with different weights being played between two opponents in alternating turns.

The game's objective is to eliminate all the opponent pieces or decrease the opponent's points to zero by moving your pieces to reach the bottom line of the field rival. Thus forming the '' double '', which are pieces with the double weight that can move in all directions of the board.

Basic Rules

Game 23! it is played on a board of 64 houses, light and dark. The main main diagonal (dark) should always be on the left of each player.

Game 23! is played between two players, with 12 white pieces on one side and with 12 black pieces on the other side, each with a specific weight of: 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 5, 5, 3, 7.11, 11, 7. The initial move is always up to whoever has the white pieces. Each player starts with 23 points.

The piece moves forward, one house at a time. When the piece reaches the eighth row of the board, it is promoted to "double", and its weight doubles.

The "double" is a piece with wider movements. She moves back and forth, as many houses as she wants. A "double" cannot be used to raise a piece of the same color.

Captures Methods

The capture attempt is mandatory and is always done diagonally. There is no breath. Two or more pieces together, on the same diagonal, cannot be captured. Pieces can only be captured if there are no empty spaces between them. If the piece you are trying to capture has a weight less than the weight of the piece you are capturing, the piece is called CAPTURED and is removed from the board and the difference in weight is deducted from the opponent's score.

When the piece that is trying to be captured has a heavier weight than the piece that is capturing the difference in weights, it is discounted from the weight of the piece that is trying to be captured.

When the piece being captured has the same weight as the piece being captured it is called CAPTURED, the board is removed and there is NO discount on the opponent's points.